Meet the chefs
Cooking is all about good food

And, food brings people together, to meet and greet and enjoy an intimate, culinary experience. Chefs is located in the beautiful Bamboo Bonaire Boutique resort.  

After a warm welcome at 7:00 PM, the Chefs are there to personally accompany you to your seat. A very comfortable seat, placed in a surprising setting with a cosy, relaxed atmosphere.

A chance to meet new people and share (Bonaire) stories and adventures. A place where the Chefs not only create culinary masterpieces, but will serve them to you personally as well.

In short:
an exquisite evening, to be fondly remembered and talked
about for a long time after.

Who are these Chefs

Friends since Culinary School, the Dutchies Han ten Winkel and Mark Tromop ventured across the globe and gained experience in many a well-known restaurant in places near and far. The small Dutch Caribbean Island of Bonaire was where they decided to make their dream into reality:

‘to only use the best in order to create delightful dishes, served in an intimate personal setting where Chef, Maître and Waiter are all one and the same’.

According to Han and Mark, a true Chef must strive to fuse experience, ideas, technique, cultures and the best ingredients into an unforgettable culinary experience. And….with a passion!

They work their magic surrounded by their guests to ensure they get to know you personally and give you the attention you so wholeheartedly deserve.

At CHEFS you are not a customer but the much valued guest. After all, a good dining experience is fine, but a great dining experience is what you’re really after.

A culinary evening

Let the Chefs take you on an adventure where they listen to your needs but will surprise you all the same. The Chefs will set the menu and of course we pay attention to any food or allergy restrictions that you may have.

Our wines complement your courses in a carefully selected wine flight. Of course you are also welcome to select wines yourself. All we want for you is to sit back and enjoy the experience!

CHEFS arrangement

We always start with a welcome drink.

CHEFS offers you:

5 Course Menu, including the finest wines $ 185
5 Course Menu without wine $ 110

For locals (sedular holders) we have a local rate:
5 Course Menu, including the finest wines $165
5 Course Menu without wine $ 90
(Valid till 31-12-2023)

Special venues and private dining

Every Tuesday* evening CHEFS offers the opportunity for special venues or private dining with a minimum of 10 guests attending.

Guests reviews

Read what other have to say about us.

We are proud and honoured that our guests take the time to review us. We do our utmost to make every evening at CHEFS an unforgettable event and of course we love to hear from you if and how well we succeeded.

The Chef’s requirements

MINORS. As much as we love kids, our setting is laid out for an adult audience and we welcome guests 16 years or older.
MOBILES. We like to interact directly with our guests and be able to strike up interesting conversations. So, keep your cell phones in your pockets and switched to vibration only please!
PHOTOS. Just ask and we will be happy to make a picture of you and/or your company.
SMOKING. As Chefs we understand a craving, even if it’s for smoking.
A special spot where you can light up is available for you to enjoy your tobacco’s delight.
VEGAN. As much as we respect and appreciate all food preferences,
we cannot cater for all. We do serve Vegetarian dishes, but
if you require Vegan cooking, please accept our sincerest
apologies but we have to pass.
ALCOHOL. Feel free to enjoy nice drinks, whilst we feel free to reject or remove any drunk.

Finally, we want you to feel comfortable in casual or semi-chic attire but ask you to leave the beachwear for the beach.

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